Single Course Information

Students should discuss their intention to enrol in a single course subject with their Principal. They should consult the Single Course Provision Information Handbook. Principals and Supervisors may contact Karabar Distance Education Centre for further information.

Principals and students should be aware of the fees and additional costs that may be involved with the course. See the Resource List for information about necessary textbooks and other resources as necessary.

Principals must complete an application for enrolment. ONE enrolment category only should be selected (see explanation for enrolment categories).

Applications received will be processed and work sent within 2 weeks of receipt. Delays may occur if the application:

  • Has not completed sections/pages
  • Has not been signed by the following: 
- Princpal
- Supervisor
- Parent/Guardian and
- Student
When the student receives their first package, they should make contact with their teacher and organise a regular contact time each week.

For more information see the following documents:

Distance Education Procedures

Single Course Provision Information Handbook

Single Course Supervisor's Handbook

Resource List

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